Andy X

Andy X is being replaced by Cerebro

Support for Andy X v3 will come to an end in April 2024

What is Andy X

Andy X is an open source distributed streaming platform

Andy X, an open-source distributed streaming platform designed to deliver the best performance possible for high-performance data pipelines, streaming analytics, streaming between microservices and data integrations.

No more cluster sizing, scaling, over provisioning, ZooKeeper management or hardware. Rest assured with unlimited access to our Distributed Streaming Platform experts and 99.95% uptime SLA.

Discover Andy X

The first distributed streaming platform designed for .NET

Andy X as a group of services enables a lot of features for your applications and systems in your organization. Andy X enables integration with the most populular programming languages like C#, Java, JS, Python. Also, Andy X offers native integration with other Distributed Streaming Platforms and Message Brokers like Kafka, Pulsar and RabbitMQ. Change Data Capture (CDC) is supported by Andy X using Andy X Connect for MS SQL, Oracle and PostgreSQL.

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Main features of Andy X

Andy X as bundle of services offers +100 great features.

Horizontal scalability

Seamlessly expand capacity to hundreds of nodes.


Built from the ground up as a multi-tenant system. Supports Isolation, Encryption, Authentication and Authorization

Client libraries

Flexible messaging models with high-level APIs for C#, Java*, Python*, NodeJS*.

Low latency

Designed for low publish latency (< 2ms) at scale.


Designed for configurable replication between data centers across multiple geographic regions.

Persistent storage

Persistent message storage on Andy X Storage. Provides IO-level isolation between write and read operations. Connectivity with remote storages.

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Start building your apps in reactive way!

Andy X Bundle

Transforming your systems towards Event-Driven Architecture and Realtime Approach, we have created an amazing bundle of services.

Andy X Node manages Producers and Consumers connected to the grid. Also, this service is known as the edge service. For testing perposes you can only run this service as standalone to test your integration.

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Andy X Connectors are open source standalone services for change data capture designed for Andy X. Start it up, point it at your databases, and your apps can start responding to all of the inserts, updates, and deletes that other apps commit to your databases. Andy X Connect is durable and fast, so your apps can respond quickly and never miss an event, even when things go wrong.

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Andy X Portal is an open source Web Application developed for Andy X, with Andy X Portal you can manage Andy X Cluster that is deployed in your organization.

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Andy X Client is a bundle of open source libraries for .NET, Java, Python, JS. These libraries will allow your applications to produce and consume messages to/from Andy X.

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Andy X Cli is an open source Cli developed for Andy X. Using this CLI Tool DevOps can use to deploy different configurations into Andy X Cluster, using different IaaS Tools to deploy Andy X Clusters everywhere.

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Andy X Streams is an open source library designed for Andy X. This library will allow your applications to produce and consume messages to/from Andy X in very easy and familary way.

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What Does Andy X Do?

Learn about the fundamentals of Andy X, event streaming, and the surrounding ecosystem.